Hot Summer Nights (Volume 2)



~The Third Collection~

Eleven scorching stories so hot you'll need to turn up the air!

Box Set includes:




Can a party crasher melt the icy heart of a reluctant party guest or will she crash and burn along with her fledgling business?


She’s heading your way.” Cedric jerked his head, and Cooper forgot all about the team owner. Isabella walked toward him with the loose-hipped stride of a runway model. This time he was ready for her games. In fact, he’d play a few of his own, and he played to win.




When Nora Lenhart and her ex, Camden Webber, are thrown together at an engagement dinner, they devise a plan to break up the ill-suited bride and groom for the good of all involved. As the big day nears, emotions hit a breaking point, proving that wedding planning is more suited to a reality show and while happy endings are optional, they exist despite the odds, and can be had if they stop fighting long enough.


There’s something about you I’ve missed all this time,” he whispered, and then his lips were on hers and the world didn’t exist.
She didn’t give herself up to the kiss. Instead, she became an active participant. Every kiss, every meeting of his mouth, she followed and mimicked, and when he didn’t move along quite as fast as she liked, Nora pulled him closer, her back pressing into the door, and parted her lips, hoping to encourage him to take advantage.


Bonnie Edwards SLOW HAND


In this erotically-charged novella, jilted bride Teri, and charter boat captain Jared, have one short week together under the sultry Caribbean sun. Can Jared’s slow hand lead them beyond torrid sex into a lifetime of love?


“I’ve wanted to kiss these tiny perfect toes since you took your shoes off at the pier.”

“Just keep moving up my leg and I’ll be happy.”

His fingers slid to her knee. “You mean up to here?” He swirled her pinky toe into his mouth and tugged on it.

Her knee turned into a fireworks display at the same time her toe melted in his mouth. “Unnnnhh, higher.” She’d implode if he kept up this slow pace.




Paradise for software designer Cynthia Wagner means uninterrupted solitude to invent a brilliant video game, and save her job. But renovations on her city apartment force her to seek refuge in a temporary rental in the ‘burbs.

The promised Paradise morphs into Purgatory when she meets her new neighbor, a deliciously tempting Irish rogue sporting a wicked grin and to-die-for body. Rory Devlin is a dangerous distraction—and he’s hiding a naughty secret.


Cynthia shifted from foot to foot. What did one say to a man after he’d treated you to dinner, given you a fabulous, unexpected orgasm, and then blown up your house—technicalities aside? “Well…um…good night.”

 Holding her in his gaze, he prowled a step toward her. Then another. “Cyn.” His low brogue shivered through her as he touched her upper arm. “Sorry I lost my temper with you before.”

 “I’ve certainly lost mine enough the past few days.” Constriction in her chest made it hard to exhale. “No apology necessary. You’re only human, Rory.”

 He shifted, leaning closer, and his fingertips stroked up the bare skin of her arm to her shoulder.

 Her breath jammed in her throat.“Aye.” Rory’s voice rumbled to a whisper. “That I am.” His fingers slid to the back of her neck, stroking the tender nape. Then his head bent, and his soft, warm mouth covered hers.

 Cynthia forgot all about breathing.



Deanna Cameron DANCE WITH ME


Superstar drummer Taz Roman has it all—looks, money, fame. To ambitious belly dancer Melanie Drake, he’s also a playboy with a bad reputation. But when she discovers he isn’t the man she thought he was, her change of heart is going to change everything.


He pulled back, and she opened her eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes of his were staring at her, searching her expression, looking so damn vulnerable and adorable it made her knees weak.
“Should I stop?” he breathed, his voice rough, his breath labored.
Her own breath caught in her throat. She should say yes. She knew it. It was the practical thing to do. But she couldn’t pull away.
She whispered, “Don’t you dare.”





A story of secrets, betrayals and love. Keeping Secret will grip you from the start.


"Go home. Get plenty of rest. Prepare yourself for me." He nibbled her soft lips. "We have a lot of catching up to do, starting with our wedding night."



Elizabeth Rose SAVING SIMON


Safety Officer of the Seduction of the Sea cruise ship, Simon Taylor, saves Piper Westbrook's life when she falls off the ship during a storm. But when he returns home to Sweet Water, Michigan, he finds the same woman trying to close down the town's marina that he someday hopes to buy.


(The Taylor Twelve: Sons of a preacher but far from saints, these men are nothing but trouble.)


His mouth came closer and she lifted her chin and closed her eyes, anticipating feeling those strong but soft lips caressing hers again, but this time not in an act of saving her life. This time, in an act of passion. Then their lips met and she felt as if magic had passed through her body. His kiss was bold, yet gentle at the same time. He tasted of power, challenge, and the sea.




The daring lives of husbands and wives.


His big, work callused hands encircled my waist as he pulled me to him; his mouth on mine, hot and insistent. Trevor’s scent, an intoxicating mix of the outdoors and pure masculinity wafted through me and I relented, allowing full access to my lips, tongue, and mouth. When I was nearly out of breath, he broke away, grinning.

"Good girl."




After landing the photography job of a lifetime, Jayla Mitchelson gets more than she bargained for when wealthy business mogul, Eric Jansen, asks her for a special favor.


"Just move with me." He was lost in the soft, flowery scent of her hair and skin. No one else remained, but the piano player setting the mood for their bodies to fall into rhythmic motion as he held her.
His name so soft and with such urgency on her lips made his body heat with desire. If he had his way, he would hold on to Jayla for as long fate allowed.



Theresa Troutman MY SECRET SUMMER


Dylan helps Caitlin deal with her grief and awakens her sexuality. These two misfits fall in love, while trying to keep their relationship a secret from Caitlin’s parents.


“What if I come too fast? What if you don’t enjoy it? What if I suck?” Dylan asked.
“I think that’s my job,” I joked to lighten the mood.



Kaily Hart PLAY MY



Hot Summer Nights


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