Masquerade - Amanda Ashley First off I want to say I am a big Amanda Ashley fan and have read most of her books and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Masquerade however was a big miss for me and had I not known Ashley wrote this I never would of guessed it was her work.
The story for me so rushed and thrown together it just was not believable. I did not connect with either Leanne nor Jason and wished we could of been given some kind of background on either one. There were possibilities in the few facts we were given for example Leanne referring to her Dad's vision. I was sure this would get expanded on and come to play later in the book, at least it seemed to be going that way, sadly it didn't. There was no character building, no real plot, no real anything. This could really of been a winner for me and the bones were there, but never built upon to give us the kind of story I have come to expect and love from Ashley. So, 1 1/2 stars is what I give Masquerade.
On a positive note we are treated to a sneak peak of "Sandy's Angel" by Ashley and even though I am not a big western/1800's genre fan, I must say I really enjoyed what I read. The few pages we are treated to were very interesting and definitely piqued my intrest so I just may give it a try!