Night Walker

Night Walker - Lisa Kessler I love this book! As you all know there is so many vampire books out there and really there is only so many ways you can spin a story line to make it different from all the other vampire books out there. Well, Lisa Kessler has done it......"Night Walkers".
This first book in which I hope will become a running series introduces us to Calisto. After the love of his life Tala is brutally murdered he seeks solace in her tribe and eventually becomes a "Night Walker". What is a Night Walker? You must read to find out! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed. This story was well thought out, well written, and will keep you guessing. The ending definitely threw me for a loop and was not at all what I expected to happen, though I knew "something" was going to happen in those last few pages.
I highly recommend this book and promise you will not find a dull moment and be hard pressed to put the book down. I anxiously await part two in this wonderful new series.