Mirror (The Valkanas Clan, #1)

Mirror (The Valkanas Clan, #1) - Noelle Ryan Alyson Wilson thought vampires only lurked in her favorite stories.

She was wrong.

And what she doesn't know about the supernatural world could kill her.

Hunted by a power-hungry vampire out to steal the gifts hidden in her blood, she'll have to decide how much she's willing to sacrifice.

It just might cost her the one she loves most...

I really like this debut novel by Noelle Ryan! Her main character Aly is a strong female who is trying to cope with suddenly being turned into a vampire, running from someone who wants the gifts in her blood, and also a budding relationship with the vampire who turned her. I really liked Tom, he is sexy, witty, charming, and I hope their relationship endures.
The storyline is very promising and leads us to believe there will be more to come in the series. I would like to see a bit more romance and sense of connection between the lead male/female in the next book. There is a lot going on action wise and it definitely keeps you wondering what will happen next making it hard to put the down.
Grammatically there were a few errors, but nothing I think takes away from the book in any aspect. All in all, a very light paranormal read.