Wolf Hills

Wolf Hills - Bianca D'Arc I am so excited this series has continued and I hope Mrs. D'Arc keeps it going.
This time we are treated to the last of the "four" Sally. Her story starts with a visit to Carly and changes her life forever. I loved Sally's character as she was a strong female detective from California with a take no bull attitude. She was a perfect match for Jason who is the super HOT Alpha of the local werewolf pack (and I mean "Alpha" in more ways then one). The chemistry between these two was on from the start and only gets better. The story line was different from the past 3 books as we get to/explore the werewolf world versus vampire in more depth. There is of course a HEA, but the ending leaves room for at least one more if not several more books to be added to the series. I hope we don't have to wait too long!