Vampire Awakening

Vampire Awakening - Eliza Gayle The truth may set her free but there’s no guarantee she’ll recover.

Abby Douglas has lived in the dark for six months. Until a mysterious package and a voice in a dream spark a chain of events she didn’t see coming. To futher complicate matters, a lethally stunning stranger walks into her life and awakens erotic needs inside her that run deep. Now she has to decide how much she’ll give up to unlock her memories.

Caleb Barrett, a vampire on a mission, pursues Abby while on the hunt for a homicidal vampire. Instead he’s captured by a silken voice and haunting eyes that stir an insatiable hunger. An instant connection is forged and Caleb marks her as his own with no intention of letting her go. When she runs from him all bets are off and this dead sexy cowboy will do whatever it takes to find out what secrets her mind harbors before it’s too late. Rules or no rules.

Suddenly being careful what you wish for is more than just another cliché, it’s life or death.

This books contains one sexy as sin, motorcycle riding, black leather wearing vampire with a two track mind. Sex and blood.

I really like this book and gave it 3 1/2 stars. The story line was really good and had the author expanded more on the story and got more in-depth with Abby and Caleb I would of gave it 4 stars or better. Yes, there is a lot very HOT sexual scenes, but they are very tactfully done.

Caleb is a HOT Alpha Dom Vamp who could make a submissive out of any woman; he is literally sex on a stick. Did I mention he was also a leather wearing, motorcycle riding, cowboy?

For a short story it was a great hot and steamy read. There a few gramatical errors that had me re-reading a few sentences, but they in no way took away from the story. I hope Mrs.Gayle continues to give us more vampire paranormal/romance books in the future especially full length novels.