Oliver's Hunger

Oliver's Hunger - Tina Folsom I really enjoyed Oliver and Ursula's story. This is the 7th book in The Sanguards Vampires series and I have loved each and every book in the paranormal romance series.
This book gives us Oliver's story - the former human turned vampire by Quinn after a nasty accident with a shovel of an excavator (cringe) in a previous book. Oliver is a young vampire only a few months old and still coping with his hunger. As a newborn surrounded by a bunch of "older and more experienced" vampires he feels out of place and has no one he can relate to who understands what he is going thru.
Ursula comes into his life one night by literally running right into him. She brings with her temptation not needed for a vampire who has trouble not drinking from a live donor.
This book was well written with fun and witty humor, steamy scences we all love, and lots of adventure to keep to keep us fully invested in the ending. I love that all our old characters from previous books fit in to this story without seeming forced there.
I am excited to excited to see what happens next and who will be the focus of book 8. I am hope we get Thomas & Eddie's book soon, it has been a long time coming! We do get a nice tidbit in this book that involves them and hopefully is what will be the start of something for them.