Longest Days

Longest Days - C.L. Quinn "Longest Days" is the 3rd book in "The First" series by C.L. Quinn.
This book gives us the story of both Eillia and Daniel who each played a significant role in a previous book.
The story takes place in a small town in Alaska where both Eillia and Daniel have moved in order to deal with their pasts however neither are aware of the others existence. Eillia moved to there to lick her wounds after losing her lover Hamid who died in a horrible attack a year earlier.
Daniel found himself in the small Alaskan town as a way to pay penance for the horrible things he has done in his past and lives as an Arctic fisherman by day and a drunk by night.
This book picks up right where the previous ones ends with the exception of a year passing. Both Eillia and Daniel are very complex and broken characters trying to survive the best they can. A chance meeting one night at a local bar brings them together and from their our story progresses. There is a lots of steamy sex, action, heartache to be had.
I did find myself getting aggrivated with Eillia at times for her treatment of Daniel especially when it became redundant. Luckily the book moves on from their and we get to revisit with much loved characters from previous books - Bas, Park, Koen, and the not so loved crazy Tamesine.
I give this book 4 out of 5 stars and found it a fast paced enjoyable read. I do recommend reading this series in order and do not think it would be as enjoyable if you don't. I really liked the teaser for the what will be book 4 and am looking forward to the release of it.